Milestones in 2017



To continue strengthening our Simple, Personal and Fair culture, we are introducing a new way of assessing our employees’ performance. The Group's employees are assessed on the basis of their level of commitment to corporate behaviours (40%) and their ability to meet their targets (60%).

New corporate principles of diversity and inclusion

New corporate principles of diversity and inclusion

These principles, which will provide a framework for Group policies, are complemented by strategies and initiatives in the local units.

New ways of working

New ways of working

We have created new working spaces with more open spaces and technological tools to boost teamwork. In addition, Santander continues to promote the flexiworking culture to improve the balance between work and personal life.

AENOR Sostenibilidad de Eventos

16.6% total shareholders return

Santander is the first European entity to receive the ISO certification for sustainable events management.




A new financial inclusion initiative in Santander Mexico for people with low incomes which aims to have a measurable social impact through a broad and expanding range of interconnected products (from microcredits to microinsurance, remittances, payments,etc.)


Openbank has become the first fully digital

Spanish bank, offering a broad value proposition with innovative features, while meeting the highest security standards.

New corporate consumer protection policy

In 2017, Banco Santander approved a new corporate consumer protection policy that sets specific criteria for identifying and implementing consumer protection principles.

First green bond issued by the Bank in Poland

First green bond issued by the Bank in Poland

Bank Zachodni WBK issued a green bond with the International Finance Corporation of €136 million with a tenor of 10 years.

Climate Finance

The Bank has participated in the finance of new renewable energy projects with a total installed capacity of 3,390 MW


New mining and metals policy

Added to the other sectoral policies.

UNEP FI pilot project

Santander, together with 15 other major banks, have joined United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative to develop a pilot project to implement the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure recommendations from the Financial Stability Board (FSB).



1,295 Agreements with universities and other academic institutions in 21 countries

8,731 partnerships with social institutions and entities

44,862 scholarships and grants in 2017

2.1 million people helped

Jader Stefanello and Fernando Ferreira

Santander X

Santander X

Santander X is an innovative platform that brings together all the support programmes for entrepreneurs that Banco Santander has been supporting in universities around the world for the last 20 years. Santander X aims to be a meeting place entrepreneurs. It will be the largest global ecosystem for university entrepreneurship - a shared space for international collaboration among universities, businesses and entrepreneurs, who want to make their projects a reality. It will be open to the world.



Banco Santander is firmly commited to the environment and the fight against climate change, which is reflected in various lines of action, such as the analysis of social and environmental risks in funding transactions, the development of products and services with a positive environmental impact and the measurement of its internal environmental footprint.


Banco Santander was included again in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), where it maintains its presence since 2000. Ranked ninth worldwide, second in Europe, and first in Spain for the seventh consecutive year the Bank was classified in the bronze category in the banking sector.

Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index 2018

Banco Santander, world leader in the Bloomberg Gender- Equality Index (GEI)

With an evaluation of 93.4 points out of 100, Banco Santander took first place in this index made up of 104 participating entities from different sectors (financial, communications, energy, basic goods, materials, technology, etc.)

Newsweek Green Ranking

We have been ranked as the best bank in the Newsweek Green Ranking, which mainly analyzes internal environmental performance.