Economic and financial review

We are meeting our financial objectives earlier than expected and in a responsible manner, with growth, profitability and a strong balance sheet

Santander Group results

In 2017 Santander grew its profit, increased shareholder return and strengthened its balance sheet, all in a responsible manner.


In 2017, Santander grew in all its main metrics and met its targets earlier than expected, with double-digit growth in revenue and in underlying profit before taxes


Santander is one of the most predictable, profitable and efficient banks in the world. This enables it to increase both customer lending and dividend payments while organically generating capital


Santander strengthened its balance sheet thanks to a unique business model focused on ten core markets and ended 2017 with more capital and a lower NPL ratio (excluding Banco Popular)

An improved global economy

World economic growth rose in 2017 in an environment of improved global confidence which was reflected in international markets. In the regulatory field, the Basel III review was completed in 2017 and the debate on the impact of digital transformation on banking regulation and supervision advanced.

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